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Weed and Feral Animal surveys

The old adage, ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’ is never more true than with weeds and feral animals.

By accurately mapping species, location, density and trend, we can produce the most cost-effective management plan to ensure your hard-earned dollars are spent in the right areas and on the most cost-effective techniques.

Weed surveys:
Depending on the location and the species, we can sometimes do much of the work from the desk.   Our combination of cutting edge technology and satellite images enables us to map weed infestations and establish infestation trends (spreading, static, contracting).   We then ground-truth our findings with a property visit, and develop comprehensive maps to inform our planning and control work.

We also specialise in visual, weed identification and recording surveys of mining and construction sites, roadways and urban land.   Our use of electronic data gathering devices enables survey results to be quickly transferred and displayed as maps, tables, graphs or charts.

From space, from the air, from the ground … we’ve got it covered!  Talk to us now.

Feral animal surveys:
Our specialty is feral pigs, but we can collect distribution and density data on any feral animal species, giving you a clear picture of your feral animal issue, along with the best information to inform both management plans and control actions.

Our survey team has flown thousands of kilometres counting feral pigs, and we make extensive use of remote cameras to both survey and monitor.

As with weeds, knowing the exact location and extent of your problem means you can effectively plan the most cost-efficient control activities.

Talk to us to see how we can help.


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