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Feral Animal Control

Feral animal control

Can you afford to delay control?  Are you prepared to wear the drain on your hard-earned money?

If you have answered ‘No’, you need DC Solutions - we can provide hassle-free, cost-effective solutions to your feral animal problem.

As with weed control, once the exact location, extent and trend of the feral animal has been determined through survey and mapping, and a clear and simple strategic and operational plan developed to guide action, the action can start.   And this is the part we all like, because this is the part that really feels like we’re getting somewhere.

Also like weeds, feral animals don’t stop at roads, fences, shire boundaries, state borders, or other artificial lines on maps, which is why we have adopted, and specialise in, landscape scale activity.

At DC Solutions, we not only plan and implement feral animal control programs, we have at our disposal, control experts licensed and certified in the appropriate areas.   For example, for aerial control of feral pigs, we use only CASA endorsed machines, operators and marksmen.

While our focus is predominantly on controlling feral pigs and feral cats, we can also design and implement a baiting or trapping program to control foxes, wild dogs, or any other feral animal.  The important thing is to reduce their impact on production and the environment.And by recording where we conduct operations, and producing a map of the data, you can have confidence in where we’ve been and what we’ve done.

Our experienced field operators and associates have the skills, expertise and experience to do the job, and do it right.   Talk to us.


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