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Don’t waste your investment!

You’ve put your valuable time or hard-earned cash into pasture management or pest control, so the hardest part is done but, having gone to all that effort and expense, make sure your investment is protected.  Follow-up monitoring of project areas is vital to get early warning of trends so you can adjust management actions or instigate remedial action before the problem gets too big and all the good work is undone.

Pasture Monitoring:

We can help you keep tabs on the legacy of your weed project as well as your general pasture health.We set up monitoring points across your weed control areas as well as other strategic points.  Our annual pasture monitoring assessments are based on the best science and are carried out by experienced staff who understand grazing industry priorities.  Any pasture monitoring includes excellent tracking of changes in the amount of pasture, as well as the different species of grass present and the trends that the pasture is moving in.

Weed Monitoring:
At the minimum, our monitoring points will enable you to take photos each year from exactly the same place in exactly the same direction, so you, your children and grandchildren can see and appreciate the fruits of your labours. We can also undertake surveys ranging from on-ground to using satellite imagery to track changes in weed populations. These can be designed based on your needs and the context of your property.

Feral Monitoring:
With feral animal control projects, we can assist you with follow-up surveys or simply remote sensing cameras so you can keep an eye on what’s out there, and know when the trigger point is reached for that next round of action.

Project Monitoring:
Do you know how effective your project has been?  Has it given you a good return on your investment.  The only way you are going to answer those two critically important questions is by measuring and recording the results of your project work.  If you are super busy, we can set up monitoring points, periodically record data, and provide you with a written report on the results.  Alternatively, we can train you in all aspects of the process so you can do it all yourself.

Monitor and manage - talk to us.


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