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Don’t let decision-making cost you money … get a GIS service or system.  You don’t have to know what it means to understand how it can help you.

Whatever your business, if it relies on collecting and analysing data, then GIS is a great decision-making tool that you’ll wonder how you ever did without.   If you need to know where your assets or liabilities sit in the landscape, what other measurables intersect with them, and how they might interact, or influence each other, then we can help you.

Our Geographic Information System is a complex computer program for capturing, storing, manipulating, analysing, managing and displaying information spatially, or in relation to its position on a map.

Our experience and expertise with GIS allows us to create accurate and versatile mapping products.   We can provide these as traditional hardcopy or digitally as PDFs or Google Earth files so you can view and manipulate them through this free, web-based program.

Our extensive GIS service includes:

  • undertaking complex geographic analysis for environmental modelling or impact assessments
  • setting up GIS systems using free GIS software packages or enterprise ESRI products
  • carrying out data collection, processing, analysis and display
  • delivering web mapping services
  • identifying and fixing geodatabase issues
  • producing mapping products (printed, PDF and web maps)
  • training in software use

From large scale monitoring projects to one-off web mapping services, to displaying your data on the web ... we have you covered.  Talk to us!


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