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Data Collection and Management

‘Rubbish in; rubbish out’ is a well-founded adage of the computing age … never is it more true than with data collection and mapping.

You can produce the most comprehensive decision-making tools in the world, but if the input data leaves something to be desired, then so will the finished product.   That’s why we place so much store in the way we collect and manage our data - we know how critical it is to the quality of the end product.

Our field officers collect data on smartphone apps, tablets, GPS cameras, palmtops and a range of other electronic devices that enable fast and accurate transfer of data for subsequent manipulation and storage.

Our capabilities include:

  • developing project specific smartphone and tablet apps (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • field data collection (surveys and monitoring)
  • database development (online or offline)
  • data interrogation
  • database integration

In short, we can customise to meet your needs.  We have the tools and expertise to measure most things (stock numbers, weed infestation areas and density, traffic flow, flooding events, erosion, pasture response, habitat extent, species distribution, water quality) and to store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present your data.

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