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Cloud Computing

Saving money is just the beginning with Google Apps.  The reason more than 5 million businesses have gone to Google Apps is that, as well as saving most of their previous IT costs, it saves time and money on communications, delivers unbelievable efficiency in remote collaboration, and reduces power costs considerably.

DC Solutions has been using Google Apps since 2010, and has refined its use of this cloud-based communication and information management system to maximise efficiency and collaboration.

We know the NRM sector and the people who work in it, and we understand the benefits of cloud computing to these businesses.   Our experience, and our willingness to experiment and innovate, means we know which systems and applications integrate with NRM systems, how to use the features to drive efficiencies, and how to manage GIS, images, documents and communications in Google Apps.

In short, we know how to structure cloud computing for the NRM sector.

Innovation and experimentation don’t always deliver the results you want, but they do build a knowledge bank of pitfalls.   We can help you avoid those same pitfalls in making the transition to a new way of doing business; we can also train your team so they can make the most of the opportunities.

After three years with its head in the cloud, DC Solutions continues to have its feet firmly on the ground, reaping the rewards of flexibility in the workplace.

Cloud computing gives us:

  • organisation-wide sharing of information
  • ease of collaboration
  • efficiency of communication
  • speed of information retrieval
  • trouble-free storage of extensive data.

We’re saving more than 90% of the IT costs it took to keep us running with our previous, local server based system.

As an early adopter in this field - and having ironed out all the kinks and found the most effective way of harnessing the system, we’re are pleased to be able to offer our collective wisdom, expertise and experience to help others reap the benefits.  Whether decision-making, planning, timing of server shutdowns, handling of different file types, system integration, compliance, training or mentoring of your team, DC Solutions can assist.Talk to us.


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