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Project Management

Why waste your valuable time and money, and give yourself grey hairs, on something that isn’t really your cup of tea?

Everyone can’t be an expert at everything.  If you’re running a business, you’re more likely to be highly skilled at operational management - the day to day running of your business to produce products or services.

Project management is a different ball game.It’s focussed on the short-term planning, engaging, organising and controlling of resources to get the job done in a specific timeframe, often quite short.   So if you aren’t an expert project manager, let DC Solutions take the hassle out of it for you.   Why waste valuable time that is better spent running your business?

We routinely run as many as 100 projects or more at any one time.  These range from weed surveys, weed control, feral animal surveys, feral animal control, aerial surveys, project monitoring and assessment, environmental surveys, water quality monitoring, education and awareness raising to planning, research and training.

Our dedicated team has many decades of combined experience in running projects from complex multi-million dollars ones to simple, several thousand dollars ones, and everything in between.  We don’t just have the experience, we have a track record for bringing projects in on time, on budget and to client specifications.

Your project goals and objectives, timeframe and budget constraints are critical.  We know how the ducks need to be lined up, we know where to find them in the first place, how many are needed, and how to keep them all swimming in the same direction (not circles) to get the job done.

Our professional assistance will ensure your projects run smoothly and are delivered on time and on budget.  Talk to us!


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