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Want to stop paying out your hard-earned money to experts?   Become one yourself!Increase your skills, or those of your team.Get some training!

Even if you don’t have the time or ambition to become an expert, you can be trained to the level of proficiency needed to do many of your day-to-day tasks in-house.

Our experienced team can get you on the right track with basic skills in harnessing the power of Google Earth, or we can provide training in the use of more specialist GIS packages.   Whether you want to record simple property infrastructure, or complex geographic features, we can help you get on the right track.

Cloud computing:
Cloud is the way we operate, but making the transition from traditional computing can be a big learning experience … we’ve done it!  We’ve gone up some dry gullies; we’ve found some gems; we’ve found out what doesn’t work and what does.   So why not harness our expertise to fast-track your business to making the most of the next generation of collaborative, business computing.

Environmental monitoring:
While this is a specialist field, there are some basic things that anyone can be trained to do … things like:

  • basic water sample collection, storage and transport
  • photo monitoring
  • pasture monitoring
  • plant density stem counts
  • plant collection (for identification)

Video production:
Like any field of endeavour, to shine at video production takes experience and skill.  However, we can impart tips, tricks and techniques that will have you well on the way to producing a passable product to serve your purpose.

With all of our training, for your convenience we can come to you, or you can come to us.  Whichever way, we provide either individual or group training that will lift you level of proficiency, and help you save money.

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