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Who We Are

DC Solutions began life in January 2009 as the commercial trading name of the not-for-profit Desert Channels Queensland, with the aim of providing it with a commercial income stream.  Our first few months were challenging as we began without any working capital, but by the time we were officially launched on 3rd April 2009, we had landed a number of contracts, and were on our way.

Our initial projects were mainly in the communication and project management areas but, on the back of our knowledge and experience, we soon expanded into mainstream natural resource management work with environmental surveys, weed control and water testing.  By harnessing the talents, passions and expertise of our diverse team, we were able to spread into business support, events management and film production.

Since those tentative first steps, our business legs have strengthened as our commercial muscles have become fit and toned.  A valuable part of our business has been building a network of experienced and high-quality service providers, associates who have been able to complement our in-house skills and augment the range of services we can offer.

Our Associates include Australian Strategic Services, Christine Kershaw, NAC Consulting, PRW Agribusiness, Williams and Partners, and Yarramine Environmental.

In 2012, we were constituted as a company limited by guarantee (ACN: 155 421 702), with Desert Channels Queensland our sole shareholder.  A successful 2012 - 2013 financial year enabled us to make our first, and quite substantial, donation to Desert Channels Foundation.  This was an untied donation and will be used, as the Foundation sees fit, to augment environmental and community projects across Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.


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